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Commission: Desert Monk by Olieart Commission: Desert Monk :iconolieart:Olieart 50 3 If I Knew I'd Tell You by Lyndseyh If I Knew I'd Tell You :iconlyndseyh:Lyndseyh 20 7 spring bloom by jayuu spring bloom :iconjayuu:jayuu 1,433 32 5 by Cheunchin 5 :iconcheunchin:Cheunchin 380 13 RedHead v.1 2 3 by FooRay RedHead v.1 2 3 :iconfooray:FooRay 265 19 Mannequin Knight by sa-ryong Mannequin Knight :iconsa-ryong:sa-ryong 111 4 Pastel Dream WIP9 by GoldenDruid Pastel Dream WIP9 :icongoldendruid:GoldenDruid 128 28 Simone Comm by thezookeepersboy Simone Comm :iconthezookeepersboy:thezookeepersboy 177 6 Succusona Commission by thezookeepersboy Succusona Commission :iconthezookeepersboy:thezookeepersboy 96 5 Making of episode 22 (link in description) by Deevad Making of episode 22 (link in description) :icondeevad:Deevad 722 12 Monster Challenge: Day 17 by katetak Monster Challenge: Day 17 :iconkatetak:katetak 249 13 Cortana - Halo by MadeleineInk Cortana - Halo :iconmadeleineink:MadeleineInk 1,331 64 Summer is here ! by drill5mm Summer is here ! :icondrill5mm:drill5mm 98 10 Kyoto Rickshaw in Samurai District 2 by AndySerrano Kyoto Rickshaw in Samurai District 2 :iconandyserrano:AndySerrano 27 11 Cheeky Izabel by Einoa Cheeky Izabel :iconeinoa:Einoa 46 6 Honeymoon with my honey by Fu-reiji Honeymoon with my honey :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 351 14


Please read the description​!! You'll get the best well deserved laugh at the end!!!
Religious Avengers
Religious Avengers.

The Religious Avengers are a team of Heroes from different religiose backgrounds who unite together to defeat evil.

From left to right.

1, The Atheist. He has a 'Shoot first ask questions later' attitude to his life as I'm sure most atheists do to some level.

2, The Buddhist. An oriental nomadic monk who has come close to finding nirvana. Through meditation he has acquired powers. He can travel outside his body across ethereal plains trough space and possibly time able to re-materialize wherever he wishes and possibly in other forms. He tells the other members he's over 500 years old although he looks to be in his mid thirties.

2.5, The box! On the Buddhists travels He was given a box by and old Egyption man who told him it was magic. The box is an ancient Egyption box and The Buddhist has learned that it has the mazing ability to hold any object. (not unlike Mary Poppins bag). he only has to have the object in front of him and he concentrates on It being in the Box. Hay presto! it is. The Buddhist uses the box to transport the team across the worlds putting them in the box and then he enters the ethereal plains to travel while holding the box.
The box can also be used To safely battle a badguy, devil / demon or monster inside of but the Buddhist must stay outside the box at all times so as not to trap himself and the avengers inside for eternity.

3,The Agnostic. She's the most level headed and logical of the group making most of the final decisions when the team is divided on a subject because she's so open minded. She dose however over analyze the situation sometimes to the cost of the others patience.

4, The Sikh. A masterful warrior, Skilled at fighting with knife(s), spear, glave, billhook, halberd, a range of sward styles and in hand to hand combat but he prefers to fight with his Sward a thick but lightweight, straight edged double sided sward with a pommel and guard shaped to represent the Sikh symbol.

5, The Christian.

6, The Muslim. (Meem).

7, The Jew. These last three are pretty much the same as one another and spend most of their time arguing which of their religions is right even down to weather or not to call their shared Deity God, Allah or Jehovah.

8, The Rastafarian. A strong individual also schooled in herbal medicine ;) Although he knows he should represent his understanding of the religion with the girls and the fact that God / Allah / Jehovah actually likes to be called the Almighty Jah he's a lover not a hater and is usually too busy chillin' out smoking Marijuana with the Atheist and trying to get his good friend and sparing buddy the Sikh to toke a smoke.

9, The Pagan. Able to use the elements of Fire, Water / Ice, Wind / Air and Earth along with an understanding of nature he can call upon the help of mystical creatures such as a stone Golem to help fight in a battle.

10, The Hindu. Simply a Hindu woman with six arms. just think how well she can multi-task!
Two of her arms she paints Blue to represent the Goddess Kali who is mosly depicted as blue but has been described as black too. Most of the Deities in the Hindu faith are often depicted with multiple arms. Kali with normally 4 but sometimes 10. Shiva normally 2 but sometimes 4. Vishnu is often shown with 4 arms. Ganesha despite him having an elephant head has been shown with between 2 and 20 arms! most commonly with 6 or 4 though. Also It's worth me pointing out that Third eyes and multiple legs are also common and five seems to be a common number of heads if you have more than one but Kali can have 10...

I must point out at this point that they never go to a restaurant together... what with the mix of religious views and their links to food they just cant find a single establishment that can guarantee Kosher food (to use the Jewish word).

Characters and artwork © to me :iconvolt-reborn:
The weather in Washington state is SNOW!!!:D I'm making snowmen EVERY day!! And at night, we're playing with the lightsabers!! Bwahahahaha!!:D
So, I've come to a sad discovery:  I'm losing my mind!!  I'm feelings REALLY stupid.
See, I was having an absolutely wonderful conversation with a fellow Deviant artist, and door-knob me, I forgot to make a note of whom I was conversing with!0_0
One of these days, I'm gonna start writing things down! 😅
So, in one of her tags, she's saying she's ugly. I've been around the country so to speak, so I'm pretty sure I've got a good idea of what "ugly" really is! I should know: It's been served to me several times and from people sworn to protect and serve no less too! Do any of you think that at least she's not break-the-mirror-looking-at-it ugly, or is my idea of beauty both physical and mental totally wrong please?? Let her know if YOU think I'm wrong please!:)
yes it's a phone picture. yes, i cut my hair again. and yes, it's blonde. just an update pic. ✌🏻️
How true the statement given with this art!!
Be Kind to Yourself
To everyone struggling out there - remember that often you are your worst critic! Don’t let those bad thoughts get to you and give yourself a break. Treat yourself how you’d treat others or would like others to treat you. Love who you are and be kind to yourself! ✨✨✨

So, I've come to a sad discovery:  I'm losing my mind!!  I'm feelings REALLY stupid.
See, I was having an absolutely wonderful conversation with a fellow Deviant artist, and door-knob me, I forgot to make a note of whom I was conversing with!0_0
One of these days, I'm gonna start writing things down! 😅


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